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The Northeast Chapter, American Association of Airport Executives, is the first regional chapter of the AAAE. It was formed to assist in the further development of the AAAE and to foster a better understanding of airport related problems within the geographical confines of the chapter. It is made up of Managers, Commission and Board members, Engineers and others interested in the development and operation of airports throughout the Northeast US, parts of Canada and Europe.  

Purposes of the Northeast Chapter AAAE include…
  • To assist in the future development of the AAAE
  • To determine and enforce proper professional codes and standards among airport executives.
  • To promote stability in the administrative functions of airport control.
  • To promote the highest standards in all airport technical operations.
  • To establish systematic interchange of information and experience in the
    development and maintenance of airports.
  • To foster public recognition and respect of airport professionals.
  • To cooperate with other organizations working for the benefit of aviation.
  • To augment the educational efforts of the parent organization.
  • To enhance the professional and managerial standards of the membership by encouraging active,
    consistent and constructive participation in the chapter and the parent organization.

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Northeast Chapter of the American
Association of Airport Executives
136 Everett Road
Albany, NY 12205
(518) 694-5530
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